Technological Man

"I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones." - Albert Einstein

Such a period and a time
What a day and an era
That is truly a mixture
Of both the Blessed and Divine

Accompanied by a dreadful sense
Of evil and impending doom
As the dawn draws nigh
Greater becomes the power of gloom

It is nearer every day
What shall become of us models of clay
As the clock keeps ticking
Slowly but surely most hurriedly away

Not the end of existence
Nor of mankind hopefully
But my fellow humans
That is up to us entirely

If only we'd realize in an instant or all at once
That we are all the product of One progeny
In some form or another
We are all sisters and brothers
Of the Ancient Aborigines
Our Time Father and Earth Mother

Please, just listen
Not a word should you utter
And the clock ticks on
Tick Tock, Tick Tock
Hickory Dickory, It's soon time to dock

The day we shall rest is the day time stands still
On that day we will experience an indescribable thrill
Yes, for this we are striving and aim to attain
Yet to date existence alone is the notable feat
For we have a lot more loss than apparent gain
However, one must never give up and die
Stop and take a rest and if you must cry

This era, whatever it is, is simply complicated be sure
A mixed pot of stew of divergent ingredients
Toxic, Potent, Deadly and Pure
Is it post-modernism? Or a hallucinatory prism?

Whatever it is, I hope there is a cure
Until then, let go and let be
For with our eyes we shall all see
Like yesterday this time shall soon be no more

The end is very near, no need to have fear
Of all the world's crises and nuclear devices
Installations of a smart card
And heart-wrenching grease and lard

The long spoken of chip which is modern and hip
And all the plastic faces, which wipe away life's traces
And pumped up asses, serving as decoys to attract the masses
And test-tube babies, and the uncertainty of maybe
Along with synthetic foods, and virtual woods

In this misaligned system, I was once a victim
How damned is the lot of the wretched poor
It is all just symptomatic of a grand malaise
That is of humanities final days
Both a beginning and an end to this virtually real trend
And yet we have come so very far
Which is precisely why we still use the petroleum car

Did I hear advanced? Come such a long way
Our lives are now so much more enhanced
The aborigine is the one
First the Father, then the son
Who traced the cratered line
It wasn't that astronaut in '69

Or whatever year it was
He spoke the words so dear
And took great big giant leaps
For the world and mankind

All the weapons and all world wars
Machines and computers
Soon, so soon, they will all be rendered
As a thing of the past these also will not last
For what is now has already been
You are just fooled by the craft of illusion
Just ask the great and wise King Solomon

All inventions and ideals and scientific creations
Everything that is surreal and choices beyond number
Which cause many to go asunder
It is all merely a revelation or period of incubation
A mere opening of the wide-shut eye
Occurring on the stage of every generation
The end is so very near, So long, baby! Good-bye!

We must revel in this time
So synthetic and unreal
For it is all a part of the original deal
Perhaps someday, just between you chicks and chaps
I shall write a story, replete with phenomenon
Imbued with remarkable triumph and glory

This time is just another chapter in our existential story
In another 1,000 years we shall all see
That is, if humanity allows this to be
With prophecies ringing true
And many a speculative clue
And all the jargon and on and on and on

Simply consider our world and great universe
Against the backdrop of all that is terribly terse
Take into consideration the vibe of our times
And the evil nature of violent and hateful crimes
Which satisfies our inherent bloodthirst
Since humans are the only animals we sacrifice

Toss your caution to the wind
And go ahead and sigh
For the end is drawing painfully nigh
Yet we've so far to go, believe me, I know
Though who'd have ever thunk so?
Come a long way, baby? Hell no!

This time is really old and also quite new
Something akin to a comfortably worn out shoe
Is it merely a discovery? Or also a recovery?
Of who we are. And why we are here.
By chance if we knew what would we do?

For whatever it is worth
As a member of a certain bunch I have a hunch
That we'd probably explode just like a star
That never graces this little planet called Earth

So while there is still time
Continue on with your merry-making and mirth
For the end is so near, but a blink away
Therefore do all that you can that is possible each day

Yes the end of the end is so very close at hand
We've not really come so very far after all
Only yesterday did I hear T-Rex call
His roar was so very scary and wild
But such a creature as he was not meant to be mild

At least right now on Earth
Are birthed the world throughout
Many a wondrous dream child
Revolutionaries being born in the wild

There were cave men and ape men
Great Gods and green giants
There were periods of medieval
And countless others of retrieval

Times of renaissance and also Victorian
There was the era of discovering penicillin
Now we have the ruins of ancient Athens
As well as those of really old Egyptians
Let us recall the mummies resting in the Pyramids

Take heed to my advice
See and do all that you can
For some day so very soon
We will arrive at the end of this primitive era
Known as the time of Technological Man.

Excerpt from "The Whisper of Madness" 1998

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