On Journalism: What Must Change

Must establish Journalism in same way as Insurance Industry is regulated. Journalists must be licensed. They must keep up with CE to remain licensed. Information is the greatest commodity in the 21st century. We must hold people accountable and demand transparency.

Further, Journalists, inherent to a licensed profession, must only report sourced news. Rumors and gossips and lies belong in tabloids not media responsible for arming the public with facts/knowledge and information. Hold to same standard as academia by demanding academic integrity. First and Secondary sources only. Otherwise, we have an Information Industry that is failing the American people. Evidence? MSM.

Society is largely mis-educated and misinformed. From this vantage point we are at the dawn of humankind in that the beginning of knowledge is burgeoning. We need to create a nation of critical thinkers. One way to do this is to arm the people with facts not hyperbole, feelings and socially constructed bias.

Personal feelings do not count where reporting facts is concerned. Stick to facts, and let people decide for themselves.

I would also consult/ally/partner with DINFOS to establish this Information Agency. DINFOS in fact understands what real Broadcast Journalism is about. And is uniquely positioned to teach and monitor and regulate the professionals in the field. Universities are training grounds in the 21st century for programming robotics and groupthink, wherein people are being socially conditioned to fulfill the Globalist-Socialist agenda of the left.  Don’t bother with these Brainwasher Institutions unless they, too, meet the specific standard requirements set for Broadcast Journalism.

Licenses of Journalists can be revoked, suspended, etc. Supply and Demand. The present climate demands we respond to the need to flip the switch and do better by us and for us.  Implicit in reporting facts will also be the need to write and report at a level worthy of a professional field. The typos and poor grammar in outlets like CNN and AP, et al. are appalling.

We cannot allow this to continue unless we sit idly by as we watch the MSM hasten the demise of civilization. Freedom of the press comes with the responsibility to inform the public with facts.

Aren’t we too advanced a society to allow misinformation, lies and sensationalism to destroy the nation and by extension the world.

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