It's NOT Discrimination

Okay, all you, fucktards! Before you get your panties bunched up and start launching terrorist attacks against the American public. [Beware the mortar rockets across America.] Hold on. Step Back. No one is saying not to be transgender. No one cares. But, when it comes to taking care of business, the military is on a fucking mission. And the military complex does not have time for your feelings or opinions. What the fuck? You are broken. Damaged goods. You cannot execute because you’re inherently confused. That’s a distraction that will cost lives. Are you fucking delusional? Be as campy as you want. You just can’t be a campy soldier. Because soldiers need discipline and undivided loyalties. And you have a lot of internal baggage. Inherently, your loyalties are divided. Transgender. It’s how you roll. No one is perfect.

Soldiers give up their time and life to serve. Liberty is free. Soldiers are not. They sacrifice freedom for duty. They acquiesce to that something larger than self. And they strive to fulfill their duty. It is an honor and sacrifice. But not everyone can get in. And sometimes, we can’t stay in. We get broke. I am damaged goods now, too. It’s like someone in a wheelchair crying discrimination. And Chelsea Manning? Why is Chelsea Manning out of jail? Treason! Treason! Treason! There is no pardon for treason. Confused. Divided loyalties. That was just Barack Obama being a dick. Exhibiting his absolute arrogance for the last time. Because that, he had in abundance. That snotty liberal smirk. That makes you just want to smack it off someone’s face. Go look in the mirror. People are trying to handle some major business in the world. Because we’re serious about life. Life matters. You, fucktards, do not pay attention!

It’s amazing to me how clear and plain it is written, and yet distorted. People don’t get it. Mindboggling. This indicates to me that people don’t know how to read. The president’s statement gave clear and concise reasons why. It’s not that complicated. Many people are not qualified to serve. And many who are, don’t have heart. As a soldier, you give up the freedom to determine how you spend your time. Soldiers have heart. They do not have divided loyalties. That’s a risk no insurance could cover. Divided loyalties. And I know you think justice is about being able to go through every fucking door you want. And do whatever the fuck you want, whenever you want, with your snotty liberal attitude, and everyone is supposed to like it. But, it just doesn’t work like that. Because you are imposing yourself on others, and yet YOU CRY DISCRIMINATION.

Be transgender. But you are what, 1% of the gen pop? That’s a minority. There are all kinds of people in the world. You’re some kind of special, too. But don’t expect the military to adapt to you. We will be dead. You don’t have what it takes to be a soldier. And I don’t care if the truth hurts your feelings. Deal with it. No, you can’t do whatever you want. You might not have what it takes to be a pro basketball player either. And Phil Jackson (does he even bother with the game anymore?) would not be discriminating against you if he didn’t hire you. I can’t play basketball either. Oh, well. Boo-fuckin-hoo. Cry me a river. Stop!

What the fuck is wrong with, YOU PEOPLE. What is it? Domestic terrorists. Liberals. Hitler personified. You cry about democracy and equality. You cannot have it both ways. I know it is hard to just have the truth smack you in the face. But, here is the thing. Everyone is NOT the same. Some people are smarter, or better looking or more agile. Better singers, better actors. Just find what YOU are good at. People in the military are taught to adapt and overcome or they don’t survive. Literally, figuratively, metaphorically. Point Blank. Embrace your limitations. You just can’t embrace the suck.

How did Chelsea Manning contribute to the world? She took. She stole. One way to quickly adapt is to NOT create terror because the world did not acquiesce to your selfish demands to impose your lifestyle on the majority. And no, ACLU, this is NOT Anti-Semitism. However, what it is, is a radical liberal agenda promoting a totalitarian state. Wolf in Sheep’s clothing. I am Jewish, too. And some of you, are off the hook. Out-of-order. Wrong. Don’t get me started on the rabbis. Some are good. But, most definitely NOT all. We are a democracy, remember. Majority rules. And you are about 1%. That is not the majority. You are even confused with the notion of democracy. The whole world does not want to be gay. Some of us women like dick. And even you butch bitches do, or you wouldn’t strap it on. Fortunately, some men still like pussy. 

So, what am I saying? Ultimately? No one is saying don’t be campy. Be you. You just have to be campy on your time and not on military time. Because the U.S. Armed Forces is not fucking around. In the words of every Drill Sergeant, "Do you fucking understand me, S-o-l-d-i-e-r?” People don’t have time for your bullshit. Take your feelings to a psychiatrist. Start painting. Join the peace corps. Listen, I know it is hard to reckon with limitations. I have so many. Be grateful if yours is only transgender. But, that is a deeply tangled knot. So, it’s a lot to carry. I feel for you. But the sooner you come to grips, the sooner you start to figure out what the fuck you can do. And then lean into that. Sheryl Sandberg. That’s a good line. I’m liking it. Thanks.

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