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A few months ago, I determined to learn my genetic makeup. The fact that we can truly know our genetic makeup is such an incredible gift of science and technology. So, I hunkered down and did the research – options are essentially boiled down to 123.com or AncestryDNA.com.  I chose the latter. The process involves depositing your saliva into a tube, adding solution to it, and mailing it off to the DNA Lab. But most importantly, register the kit before you send it off. Or, your DNA is going to be incubating in a tube somewhere, orphaned, alone, with the scientists wondering who it belongs to.  I got it right the second time.

Everyone has always asked me if I am Asian. Especially Asians. I had every hunch that Asian and Black were going to show up. My oldest son is always asked if he is mixed with Black. Now he can answer, yeah, a little bit. One of the immediate answers this test gave me, is to settle a lingering question. I always wondered if my father was my biological father. He is. One of my first cousins, on his side, came up on the top of my list as a match, forever dispelling all doubt. But I also have 493 new cousins now. Wow! Most are in the 2nd to 4th cousin categories.

Overall genetic makeup

40% - Native American, 25% - Iberian Peninsula, 35% Other Regions

Specific Genetic Makeup

Areas marked by asterisk denote what Ancestry DNA identifies as a low confidence region. This means that 4.5% or less of the genetic material from that region shows up as a marker in your DNA.

40% America

·       40% Native American

49% European

·       25% Iberian Peninsula

·       7% - Italy/Greece

·       7% - Ireland

·       5% - European Jewish

·       3% - Europe West*

·       1% - Finland*

·       1% - Great Britain*

6% Africa

·       2% - Africa North*

·       2% - Senegal*

·       1% - Nigeria*

·       <1% - Mali*

2% Asia

·       2% - Asia Central*

·       <1% - Asia East*

3% West Asia

·       2% - Middle East*

·       1% - Caucasus*

Finally, my connection to one genetic community, Mexicans of Chihuahua and Durango is considered very likely. I’ll take that. Who are you?

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