In Three Words

May 31, 2017
N ame 3 adjectives that describe you! Be honest.  What are some of your deficiencies, pet peeves or peculiarities? I hate incomplet...
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Here's the Deal

May 26, 2017
Photo Attributed: Dear Mr. President, Here's the deal. Dude, I feel ya. John Boehner resurfaced today. Gosh, I have mi...
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The Wizard of Oz

May 17, 2017
This image is not my work, it belongs to the pubic domain. I saw this movie in Black and White when I was about 8-years-old on a rabbi...
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The Sun King

May 04, 2017
I just completed my first semester at Mount Saint Mary's U! It was a great semester of learning and exploration. I studied playwritin...
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National Security Issues: No. 2

Hypotheses: Political Sanctuary is a threat to national security because it undermines the American civic process and the intrinsic v...